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Land deals in Ward 4 pushed through the city council under the premise of apartment development only to end up as an eyesore in our community. The site original had a four family house that burned down in 2017 after being empty for a very long time. Should private developers maintain their vacant properties? Ward 4, we can do better. TOGETHER!


Brockton's Community Resurgence - Vacant Lots

🏡 Unveiling the Beauty Within: Transforming Vacant Spaces into Visions 🌆

In the heart of our beloved city lies a challenge and an opportunity entwined - the vacant and abandoned properties that stand as silent witnesses to neglect and untapped potential. These once-lively spaces now cast a shadow on our community, serving as eye-sores rather than vibrant contributors to our urban landscape.

As stewards of progress, we face a unique call to action – an invitation to turn these neglected canvases into masterpieces that breathe life back into our neighborhoods. The vision is clear: let's reclaim these vacant spaces, transforming them from symbols of decay into beacons of rejuvenation.

Imagine a city where empty lots bloom into community gardens, abandoned buildings morph into hubs of creativity, and neglected areas become symbols of revitalization. We stand on the precipice of change, ready to address this visual blight and embrace the untapped potential that lies dormant within these forgotten corners.

Our proposal is not just a plan; it's a promise to redefine our urban landscape. Through strategic partnerships, community involvement, and innovative initiatives, we can breathe new life into these dormant spaces, transforming them into assets that elevate the spirit of our city.

Join us in this transformative journey as we unveil the beauty within, restoring dignity to every corner of our community. Together, let's rewrite the narrative of these vacant and abandoned properties, turning them into symbols of resilience, creativity, and community pride.

It's time to paint a new picture for our city – a canvas filled with hope, vibrancy, and the shared promise of a better tomorrow. 🌇🎨 #RevitalizeOurCity #TransformingSpaces #CommunityResurgence

Lowest Paid Municipal Employees in Massachusetts

Tony believes that collaboration between the city council and unions is essential for addressing salary concerns and improving the overall working conditions of our city employees.  Brockton has some of the lowest-paid city employees in the Commonwealth.  We must work to retain higher individuals with a reasonable salary and the ability to live in our city.

Tony proposes:

Public Support and Engagement:

  • Garner public support for fair wages and working conditions.
    Keep the public informed about the positive impact of investing in city employees and the services they provide.

Open Communication Channels:

  • Establish and maintain open lines of communication with union representatives. Conduct regular meetings to discuss concerns, potential solutions, and updates on city finances.
  • Data Analysis and Transparency:
    Share relevant financial data and budget information with unions to foster transparency.

Joint Task Forces and Committees:

  • Create joint task forces or committees with representatives from both the city council and unions to address salary-related issues. Work together to conduct research, analyze benchmarks, and propose fair and competitive salary structures.

Legislation and Advocacy:

  • Advocate for legislation at the state level that supports fair wages and working conditions.
    Collaborate with unions to lobby for policies that benefit both the workforce and the city's financial stability.

    Tony firmly believes that fostering collaboration between the city council and unions is pivotal in addressing salary concerns and enhancing the working conditions for our dedicated city employees. Notably, Brockton currently contends with having some of the lowest-paid city employees in the Commonwealth. To ensure the vitality and vibrancy of our community, it is imperative that we actively strive to attract and retain individuals of high caliber. This involves not only offering reasonable salaries but also creating an environment where city employees can comfortably live and contribute to the prosperity of our beloved Brockton. By acknowledging the importance of competitive compensation, we can work collectively to build a stronger, more resilient workforce that forms the backbone of our city's success. We can do it. TOGETHER!

Committee to Elect Tony Branch
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